If anyone could be called leader of the modern mess of a rap crew—Awful Records—it would be Father. He was an art school dropout who founded “Awful Media Group” as a video and branding service in Atlanta, later turning to music as an experiment.


With the help of Key!, I LOVE MAKONNEN & a slew of Awful Records artists, he made an unlikely first breakthrough with his first LP, Young Hot Ebony, in 2014. Since then, he has carved himself out an independent sweet spot, having grown and maintained a core fan base with two more full-length projects: Who’s Gonna Get F*cked First? (2015) and I’m A Piece of Sh*t (2016). But contrary to what the title of his third and most recent LP suggests, Father has made a point to shed his own light on others. He has helped jumpstart the music careers of Playboi Carti, ABRA and Tommy Genesis, to name a few. Today, his multimedia operation stands as monument to the DIY corner of the entertainment industry.


"Father is on the precipice of cult legend, and Awful Records,

collectively, is already there." - i-D, 2017


"Awful Records' fearless leader and most savage lyrical stylist" - Paper, 2016


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